Bad Sector Mac Hard Drive Recovery Software to Retrieve Files from Bad Mac Hard Disk Drive

Summary:- The Bad Sector Mac Drive Recovery Software retrieve lost videos, photos, PDF files, etc. in a safe & reliable manner. The Lost or Deleted Mac Data Recovery Application mentioned below will help the Apple user to regain access to files, which become inaccessible due to the bad sector on a Mac hard-drive.

“How to Fix Bad Sector on Mac Hard Disk Drive without Reformatting it?

I have an external drive having a data storage capacity of 500 GB and connect it with an ESATA with my Mac computer. Due to a sudden power failure problem, now the external drive is not recognizing by the macOS. After using a 3rd party volume repair tool, I got to know that main problem are due to bad sector exist on the external HD. Is data recovery possible from a bad sector Mac external drive or my data had gone completely?

”- Reference Apple Discussions.

The above is just one of the cases when the Mac user faces data loss situations due to the bad blocks on a hard drive (internal & external). Therefore, to resolve this issue and regain access to the lost data due to a bad sector, I have compiled a detailed blog post explaining the primary reasons responsible for the Bad Sector on Mac Hard Drive/Volume and How to Retrieve Files from a Bad Drive?

Overview of Bad Sector on Mac OS Hard Drive

On Mac hard drive, a bad sector is just a small portion of the entire disk (or a sector) that doesn’t work for read and write command on the Apple hard disk drive. A bad sector can occur at any point of time and with all the data storage devices, i.e. solid state drive (SSD), flash drive, memory card, internal hard drive, external drive, etc.

A bad sector is further classified into two different categories:-

Important Note: Once the files get deleted/lost due to the bad sector on Mac hard drive, then please stop using the Mac computer immediately. As it will make sure that no new data will be over-written on a hard drive and deleted file recovery due to the bad sector gets possible.

Major Reasons Responsible for Bad Sector on Mac Hard Drive and Further Data Loss Trouble:-

Some of the primary reasons, which contribute, to the bad sector on the Apple Mac hard drive are:-

1.Hard Drive Manufacturer Faults

2.Electronic Heat

3.Power Failure Problem While the Drive is in Use

4.Internal Hard Disk Drive Problem of macOS

5.Corrupted or Damaged Files on the Mac-Hard Drive

6.Human Errors Responsible for the Bad Sector on the Hard Drive of Mac OS

How to Recover Lost or Deleted Data from a Bad Sector Mac Hard Disk Drive (HDD)?

Deleted data recovery from the Apple hard drive become possible by following below mentioned steps:-

1st Step: To perform the inaccessible or lost files recovery from bad Mac drive, first you need to download and install the VikMajra Mac Data Recovery Software.

2nd Step: Now, open the user interface of Mac data recovery tool and choose the appropriate data type recovery option.

Finally, click on ‘Start Scan’ button to start the Bad macOS hard drive-scanning task.

3rd Step: The Mac bad sector file recovery app will automatically start the hard drive (HD) scanning process and displays the final scanned results of bad Mac drive on the screen.

4th Step: After the completion of bad sector MAC drive scanning process, the free Mac data recovery will help the OS X user to preview inaccessible Mac files before final data retrieval.

5th Step: In case, you just want to get a free preview of content stored in the document, please double-click on any files from the left pane. After that, Mac data recovery from the bad sector will display the hidden data in the right pane of the Mac OS screen.

6th Step: The Mac data recovery software from bad sector also helps a user to retrieve lost and deleted Mac files from the hard disk drive. To recover data from bad sector Mac drive, click on specific files and select ‘Recover’ button to retrieve it.

7th Step: Once the 6th step of the bad sector on Mac data recovery process gets completed, this Mac file undelete software will give a message on the screen “Choose Destination for further Data saving from bad sector drive”.

Here, you need to make sure that destination drive should not be same as the bad sector HD (one from where you are retrieving documents files).

8th Step: Finally, the Apple Bad Sector Hard Drive Recovery Software displays a message indicating the recovered document saving process had been completed.

Final-Conclusion: The Bad Sector Mac Hard Drive Recovery Software mentioned above acts as powerful Data Mac Rescue Software Program when it comes to retrieving the lost or deleted documents from a bad hard drive on the Macintosh computer.

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